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About Us

Colonial Claims is one of the largest independent insurance claims services companies in the US. Founded by Doug Branham and Felicia Rivas in 1982, Colonial Claims maintains two bifurcated offices (in Dunedin, Florida and Lexington, Kentucky), each of which can fully support the operations independently if necessary. Colonial Claims contracts with over 10,000 adjusters and has handled approximately $40 billion in damages since the company’s inception.

Colonial Claims is dedicated to delivering the best customer experience and providing the highest-quality claims solutions nationwide. Our senior management team has over 100 years’ experience serving the insurance industry. We maintain a full staff of examiners and quality assurance specialists year-round, so we do not have to hire and train contractors in catastrophe situations.

We maintain our own in-house training center and conduct certification classes throughout the year for both adjusters and our staff. Our ability to quickly scale up ensures we are prepared and can immediately respond to any event or catastrophe. Our national footprint and domestic coverage, managed claims process, client account management, and quality assurance guarantee our clients receive the best claims adjusting services.

We partner with carriers, brokers, Lloyds syndicates, TPAs, excess carriers, public entities and risk managers to service all types of property and liability claims including Flood, Earthquake, Residential Property, and Commercial Property, in both catastrophe and daily assignment scenarios. Through Colonial’s betterments and strategic improvements, we are constantly looking at ways to enhance the customer experience.