About Our Firm

At Colonial Claims, we know what it takes to provide the right claims solutions, every time.

Colonial Claims is one of the largest independent insurance claims services companies in the US. Since 1982, our seasoned team of over 10,000 expert adjusters has handled more than $40 billion in damages from single and multiple assignments to catastrophes.

What matters most to us is the customer experience – the speed and reliability of our response, the accuracy of our work, and the respect we show to both policyholders and our insurance partners.

At Colonial, it’s our mission to be the calm after the storm in every community where our team, technology, and services are needed, bringing relief to our customers and their insureds.

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Experience Makes the Difference

We understand your business, your needs, and what it takes to do the job right.

In a world of intensified weather risks, catastrophes, disasters and daily losses, you need an expert working by your side. Colonial Claims has become a trusted source within the adjusting industry to supply the needed expertise and resources to assist our clients in their greatest time of need.

With an average of over 12 years of claims experience, in addition to their certifications and industry-leading training, our dedicated adjusters know firsthand the importance of showing respect to, and developing working relationships with the policyholders. We also know how much the breadth of our expertise matters to the customer experience. Whether it is homeowners, commercial, auto, flood, earthquake or other type of coverage, Colonial Claims has the experienced and knowledgeable adjusters available to service your needs.

Speed and Accuracy Sets Us Apart

Our capabilities, expertise, and responsiveness are the standard against which the adjusting industry is measured.

From the moment disaster strikes, our customers and their policyholders can be certain of our commitment to deliver specialist solutions rapidly and at scale, with unsurpassed expertise and exceptional personal service that sets the industry standard.

We are committed to building the latest in innovative and automated technology and processes that meets our customer’s priorities, enables faster and more accurate claims handling, and promotes transparency throughout the claims lifecycle. Our commitment to continual improvement has been central to why we have earned our reputation as the benchmark for expertise in handling P&C and flood claims, no matter how large or small the event or loss.

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National Footprint

Colonial Claims has a North American network of over 10,000 well-trained and licensed adjusters in all 50 states and Puerto Rico that can rapidly be scaled at a moment’s notice, no matter how large or small the event or loss.

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