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For more information or questions about adjuster licensing and training, call or text Greg at 727-385-2358.

Colonial Claims Adjuster Licensing & Training

Interested in adjusting? Looking for a career change? Consider our facility for your training needs.

Register today to learn the skills and knowledge taught by industry leading professionals.

Our 9-day intensive course is designed to produce professional adjusters who can manage insurance claims from start to finish the day they graduate.

  • 2 days of combination of scoping, customer service, adjuster conduct

  • 7 days of Xactimate training

    • 2 days of Xactimate basics

    • 5 days of adjusting claims in Xactimate from start to finish

Our comprehensive course is designed to provide candidates with the knowledge and understanding required to handle various types of claims from various roles. Our training will provide you the confidence needed to apply and obtain such roles as independent or CAT adjuster, staff adjuster, desk adjuster, and other types of support staff carriers and adjusting firms need in their daily operations.

Our 13-day course includes the Texas Adjusters License for those who live in Texas or a non-licensing state. This portion of the course includes 4 days of the Texas License requirement as well as our 9-day section.

We are an active claim adjusting firm with clients throughout the United States. By training with Colonial Claims, you will be learning the most current and up-to-date guidelines based on the industry today.

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Colonial Claims Training Facility

2021 Claims Training Schedule

13-Day Course: Jan, 9th - 22nd 

9-Day Course: Jan, 13th - 22nd 

13-Day Course: Feb, 13th - 26th 

9-Day Course: Feb, 17th - 26th 

13-Day Course: Mar, 13th - 26th 

9-Day Course: Mar, 17th - 26th